Brand New Functional Trainer F40 with Weight Stacks, All in One in MALAGA, Western Australia for sale

Brand New Functional Trainer F40 with Weight Stacks,
Brand New Functional Trainer F40 with Weight Stacks,
Brand New Functional Trainer F40 with Weight Stacks,

The F40 Functional Trainer is a complete multi-station workout machine, designed to be a the complete home gym. The F40 features a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer and a Half Rack - All in One. If you are looking to set up a complete home gym, you cannot look past the F40 Functional Trainer, as it is truly an all in one - complete workout solution.
The F40 is built and equipped with heavy duty steel tubing, commercial cables and support plates, this Functional Trainer is extremely stable and durable. Safety isn’t an issue either, with extra thick and easily adjustable safety hooks and spotter arms designed in order for you to push your max weight and reach your limit!
RRP $3095
The smith machine of the F40 features an ultra smooth movement and easy racking system so you can utilise the smith machine to its full potential. The smith machine accepts both standard and olympic weight plates, with easily removable sleeves on each end. The smith is great for training by yourself to ensure you are training in a safe environment while pushing yourself and not having to worry if you can't lift the weight back up. Avoid being featured in the YouTube gym fails videos.
The F40 Functional Trainer is the big brother of the F30, and unlike the F30 that allows for plates to be loaded on the sides for upper/lower cable exercises. The F40 Functional Trainer comes with 150lbs plastic weight stack on each side, for easier weight adjustments. A simple quick and easy pin allows you to change the weight with ease and perform supersets and dropsets quicker, without resting too long in between sets.
Storage of plates and bars is made easy with this machine, in order to keep a clean and tidy workout area. The weight plates can be stored easily with multiple plate holding stations that are included with the F40. The storage system also allows for storage of, 1 x Olympic or 1 x Standard size barbell.
All the cable exercises are made simple with the Functional Trainer. Multiple attachments are included with the F40 Functional Trainer: Lat Bar, Straight Bar, 2x Handle Straps, Tricep Rope, V-Bar, Seater Row Bar, Ab Strap and Ankle Strap. Bonus: Core Trainer for all the difficult exercises, such as: Rows, Individual Presses and Core workouts.
Thick Barbell Hooks with Pop Pin System for Easy Adjustments!
Heavy Duty Construction
Heavy Duty Steel Cable and Pulleys
Ultra Smooth Smith Machine Movement!
Multi Grip Pull Up Bar!
Easily Adjustable Handles.
Easily Adjustable, Solid Steel Safety Hooks!
Easily Adjustable Safety Catches for Smith Machine Exercises.
150lbs Weight Stacks on each side.
Weight Plate Storage Units Included!
Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 182 x 147 x 222 (cm)
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